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A level-focused network for students.

In addition to the regional and subject portals, we have three level portals that support our integrated education structure, namely Primary, Secondary and JC Tuition Singapore. Within these portals, students and parents can search for learning resources and tuition programmes for enrollment.

Primary Tuition Singapore

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Primary Tuition Singapore specialises in the provision of online materials and tuition programmes to prepare students for the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE). Within the portal, you can look for primary English, Math and Science tuition programmes to find out how to grasp these subjects effectively.

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Secondary Tuition Singapore

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Secondary Tuition Singapore is a centralised portal for students who are getting ready for the GCE O Level examinations. This portal hosts a list of centres that focus on providing secondary tuition classes, such as English, Math, Chemistry and Physics Tuition. Get additional support from Secondary tutors to identify the areas of improvement and solutions to become better.

JC Tuition Singapore

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JC Tuition Singapore is the third portal that provides online learning resources and offers tuition programmes to ensure that students are ready for the GCE A Level examinations. There are centres featured in this portal that provide classes like GP, Economics, JC Math, Physics, Chemistry and History Tuition. Explore this portal to find out how to raise your examination proficiency.

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