Learning never stops.

Math Tuition Singapore has online learning features to make learning accessible and effective, even if students are exploring Math concepts from the comfort of their homes. Undoubtedly, eLearning is the next step to a revolutionary way to grasp Mathematics concepts well, given the shifting learning behaviour of students and uncertainties in the global situation.

Why try eLearning?

The advantages of online learning.

There are three fundamental reasons to prove why online learning is suitable for students. Students can access Math Tuition programmes conveniently, attempt practice questions consistently and review their answers through online tutor discussions.

Learn conveniently.

By accessing the virtual platform, students can attend classes anytime and anywhere. By disregarding the consideration of tedious transportation, more time can be allocated to revision for Mathematics.

Practise regularly.

Online learning is underestimated by some skeptics as there are numerous practices that students can attempt to review their understanding of various Math concepts.

Review systematically.

Receive feedback from the Math tutors to find out what are the areas of improvement to enhance the accuracy of solving various Math questions. Students can store their marked practices in a secure and private folder.

How It Works?

Follow these steps to start now.

The following section showcases the class activities that are carried out during the online learning programme for Mathematics. Our featured centres are dedicated to provide constant guidance to support students throughout their journeys.

Attend live-streamed classes.

Join the online classes that are streamed ‘live’ by the Math tutors. During these lessons, students can access the instant messaging feature to post questions and answer questions to learn meaningfully.

Understand Math concepts via the Virtual Whiteboard

Watch how the Math Tutor writes and explains certain concepts on the Virtual Whiteboard, which is a similar substitute to the physical version. Students can download these illustrations for future reference.

Store and retrieve materials in the MyWork Folder

Over time, students will accumulate notes and practices in their online learning journey. As such, the MyWork Folder will provide a convenient way for students to organise their documents just like a physical folder.


The biggest learning portal in Singapore

EduMarket is the centrepiece of our virtual education portal that showcases tuition centres that provide primary, secondary and JC Tuition programmes. Aside from Math-related classes, students can also search for other online learning programmes, like English and Science Tuition.

A wide range of programmes to enroll in.

EduMarket has a diverse selection of online learning classes for students to sign up for. Its purpose is to give students of varied age groups the choice to explore various subjects purposefully.

Ace the examinations via eLearning.

The programmes offered at the EduMarket incorporate online learning tools, such as the live-streamed video classes, Virtual WhiteBoard and MyWork Folder. By using these features, students can study effectively.

Learning made fun and effective.

Explore the EduMarket to find out your preferred online tuition now.

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